Why study in poland is best

Poland is a nice little country in the Central-Eastern Europe with a population of about 35 Million People. The official language here is Polish – which shares similar roots as several other Slavic regions in this region. poland is a member of European Union & also a part of Schengen countries that allows free movements between them without restrictions.

The trend towards moving into North American countries in pursuit of completing higher studies have witnessed a downfall due to the sky-rocketing investment required & recent changes with the immigration policies. While on the other hand, Indian students are finding new opportunities in European countries for their higher education & to put it in one sentence, we can call it a “fair trade”.

Though the European countries are bound together by economic and free movement treaties, each & every country is responsible for its own economic status & this is the reason for the vast difference in cost of living & PayScale between countries in Europe. Probably you have heard about
the countries “Austria” & “Slovakia”. Both the countries are part of European Union & also Schengen Members. More importantly both these countries share a common border. The capital of Slovakia (Bratislava) is just 80 Kilometres away from the capital of Austria (Vienna). However, the cost of living in Vienna is about 4 times more expensive than in Bratislava. Similarly, the average salary for a job in Vienna is almost 3-4 times much higher than the same job in Bratislava.

Poland is a country which is widely considered as a country with low cost of living & also with low-medium income pay. Due to this fact, multiple Global corporations have their operations in Poland.
This in turn is providing a wide range of career opportunities for employees in Poland.

Also, studying in Polish universities requires considerably less tuition fees when compared to other
European countries – which when combined with low cost of living, provides a great bet for pursuing higher studies for Indian students – especially for those who cannot invest
lumpsum in Americas or Western Europe.However, this wonderful opportunity comes along with few downsides. The most crucial one is Local Language – Polish. Poland is not a Multi-Linguistic country. Its primary language is Polish & only a minor part of the community speaks English here. This can be harder to communicate with the locals at the beginning.

However, once you start learning the local language, it can be very handy. Additionally, due to the fact that the majority of the population doesn’t speak English, finding jobs in core fields can
be much harder – when compared to IT, Business or Banking sectors. Also, the common part time jobs here in the country are blue collar casual jobs – which might not be well suited for
some candidates. But if you have real skills and are willing to learn & develop it with a hunger for success – you will eventually find great opportunities here

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