Is it true that Poland offers free education?

Its true that Poland offers free education. But its only for the Polish people and their children who got citizenship in Poland. At times Poland offers free education even for the other country students and its limited for the few courses. On the other hand, Poland assists and helps by giving scholarship for the students from other countries.  Terms and conditions are applied for certain scholarships.  In few universities Scholarship Eligibility exams are also conducted.

Is it good studying in Poland?

Indeed Poland is the best option for the students who opts to do their graduation.  Because Poland is one of the best countries among the European countries.  It is the seventh biggest country and is located in the middle of Europe.  There are more than 500 universities.   Its amazing to know that 23 Universities comes under QS rankings. and 300 universities are listed under top universities.  All the educational institutions offer high quality education.

All the college professors hold Phd Doctorate Degree and besides they do possess minimum 10 years field experience in their specific department. Students from all over the countries prefer to study in Poland. Poland is the preferred destination even for students from US & UK. It offers world standard education. Laboratories in the universities are well equipped focussing on practical oriented education. Among the European countries, Poland University education ranking is placed 5th among the European countries.

Why to study in Poland – Why not other countries?

Its 100% – the best option to choose Poland for higher studies.  One of the main reasons is Poland has world standard education. In no way the education system in Poland is inferior to the education system in US & UK.  The good news is that an Indian students can study at a reasonable low fee structure.

Studying in Poland is cheaper than in other parts of Europe. Tuition fees start from less than 1500 EUR per year and rarely go higher than 3000 EUR. Compared to the average fees of private universities in France, Germany, the UK or Scandinavia, this might mean big savings at the start of your studies.

Part time and Fulltime job for Indian students while studying in poland:

Generally, for most of our Indian students, paying fees would be a big problem. Hence, it is a great opportunity for our students to work while studying. Indian students are allowed to do their part time job and Fulltime legally while studying. In a month, many hours are allotted free for the students to do their part time job. universities allowed to work as fulltime also. some companies allow students to work in their companies while studying in poland. So by studying in Poland, a student can easily afford to pay the required fees for their studies.

Even if a student has already done his/her schooling or UG studies in India, It will be better for him/her to continue UG/PG and get International Standard Education in Poland. Poland graduation is acknowledged by worldwide. As you are getting the European standard education, you are eligible to work any part of the world. Hence there is ample of job opportunity. In Poland there are many good companies. There are also many leading MNC companies. Plenty of IT jobs for the graduates. Moreover Bank Jobs are also among the choices of career. Besides Aerospace jobs are also available in Poland. Likewise job opportunities can be found in Scientific, Mechanical, and so on.

Schengan Visa is provided for all the students studying in Poland. The special feature of this Visa is that a student holding this Visa is eligible to travel all the 28 countries in Europe. Hence a student gets worldwide exposure and knowledge. Also a student get opportunity to interact with students from all over the world.

In India nearly fifteen lakhs engineering students are passed out from the colleges. Among them 20 -30% students do not get job. The reason is that they don’t get good & practical oriented education. There are more than 15,000 Indians are living in Poland. Among them 2000 to 3000 students join for studies. In this way, Poland is the safest place for Indians to live.

Even after finishing studies, a student is awarded with a one year Stay Back Visa. Through this a student get plenty of opportunity to stay and search for a dream job.

How many Indian students are enrolled in Poland University?

In the recent past years, the number of students opting to study in abroad has increased.  And in particular students desiring to study in Poland have increased more. The reason for that are affordable fees, High quality education and world standard education.

In the year 2010, only 220 Indian students studied in Poland.  Consequently in the year 2017, the students number has increased to more than 3500. In the coming years, it is believed that the number is still going to be doubled. The main reason why students choosing Poland is that Quality Education, Safest and secured place for both boys and girls, affordable fees and cost of living is low.

Currently how many Indian students are studying in Poland?

According to the current status, there are more than 4,000 sudents studying in Poland. It is believed that nearly 8,000 students are successfully placed in jobs. Above 17000 Indians are living in Poland now.

Where do students studying in Poland stay?

Poland Government and Universities have made Dormitory facilities for the students to stay. The rental amount for the dormitory is very low. Those who are affordable can have individual (separate) rooms.

What is the Dormitory rental cost for a month in poland ?

Rental amount for a dormitory costs Rs 6,000 to 10,000 per month.

Rental amount for a separate room costs more than Rs. 10,000.

Is the education in Poland trustworthy?

Yes 100 % trust worthy , because

Top world ranking universities

International european degree

Can go for part time and fulltime job

can travel upto 28 european countries with this Schengan student visa